Adder’s Tongue Garden Witch Box


  • Image of Adder’s Tongue Garden Witch Box
  • Image of Adder’s Tongue Garden Witch Box
  • Image of Adder’s Tongue Garden Witch Box
  • Image of Adder’s Tongue Garden Witch Box
  • Image of Adder’s Tongue Garden Witch Box

Adder's Tongue is what I spend my time working on when I'm not illustrating and making prints! You can read more about it here:-

This Garden Witch Box is the second in a line of boxes filled with a condensed selection of items chosen to fit the theme of the box. I have spent a lot of time putting these together over the course of this spring and early summer. I have done my best to keep the price of these as reasonable as possible whist still delivering high quality, beautiful items! These boxes are packed full of love, positive intention and energy, the very best quality gemstones, herbs and other bits that I have been able to find, grow or make and they smell absolutely divine!

The Garden Witch Box contents are a thoughtful blend of science and magick. The Garden Growth spell powder is a blend designed by myself for use in garden magick, growing herbs & flowers intended for use in your own magickal workings, or just for a bit of a growth boost for anything (besides specialised plants that do not like fertiliser or growth aids) you might be growing in your garden, just because! These boxes are for everyone, not just practising witches! They are suitable for all levels of practise though, and make wonderful gifts.

Each box includes:
- 4 corked glass bottles filled with dried lavender flowers from my own garden, Garden Growth spell powder, UK native wildflower seeds (will be substituted for something else for USA customers due to restrictions), and a gemstone mix for growth.
- A tea light candle.
- A piece of high quality polished Unakite jasper.
- Larger dried flowers from my own garden.
- A small pouch with an incense cone and quartz point.
- A miniature scroll, tied with a piece of twine, that lists the contents.
- A garden snail shell (found, cleaned and sealed by me).
- A grip seal bag containing a small amount of blessed earth.
- The box itself is tied with natural twine with a handmade copper, peridot and amethyst point charm hanging from it which an be worn as a bracelet charm, pendant or other item of jewellery.
- It also comes accompanied by a fold-out leaflet that details each item and its uses in more depth.

Please read below for info regarding ethics and shipping.

SUSTAINABLE SOURCING: All floral and herbal material is either grown here in my own garden, or sourced from environmentally conscious growers and providers. The snail shells in this edition are all found empty in my garden. I do not use any form of snail or slug poison (or insecticide if any description) anywhere on my property, so all snail shells that I find have ended up empty at the behest of Mother Nature. Our packaging is recycled where possible, and I do my best to re-use packaging materials. I am working towards a fully recycled/environmentally friendly business model and am always open to hearing about environmentally conscious suppliers of packaging & printed materials!

VEGAN ALTERNATIVES/ALLERGY INFO: Whereas I try to ensure my boxes are suitable for everyone, I fully understand that some items (such as the snail shell contained in this edition) may not be in keeping with the lifestyle choices of some of my customers. I would be delighted to discuss swapping anything you are unsure about or do not wish to receive for something more suited to your requirements so please do contact me to discuss a substitute item! Please also feel free to contact me if you suffer from allergies to any herbal or organic materials and I will do my best to help.

SHIPPING INFORMATION: I am a one woman business and will sometimes require up to a week to ship items out, depending on work load and order volume. If you require an item to be shipped quickly, please contact me and let me know! Prices for shipping are based on the most cost effective way I can SAFELY send the items in question. These boxes contain glassware and other fragile objects and, as such, require significant protective packaging materials and larger boxes, which unfortunately, are not cheap to send internationally. I am extremely grateful for your understanding.

Image of Adder's Tongue Altar Box
Adder's Tongue Altar Box
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